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Hafa Adai!

Welcome to the University of Guam Residence Halls Services. Our Residence Halls are humble and modest in nature, providing conventional single and double room options.

The staff and employees at the Residence Halls Office strive to provide an environment favorable to those residents who embrace responsibility and community. Respect is the key word as student residents are expected to observe the rights of others; as well to practice good hygiene and sanitary practices. Positive mannerism is expected of young adults. Equipment and basic facility accommodations are to be used and shared among residents with great care and responsibility. Student residents are expected to behave themselves within acceptable standards of behavior; and, must take individual responsibility for their action(s).

In order to protect health and safety of student residents, a set of rules have been developed by the University of Guam Administration, Residence Halls Staff, and the representatives (i.e. Residence Hall Governing Council). Each student resident is expected to know these rules and observe them. Applicants who cannot accept these rules or cannot extend consideration of others in a community living environment should re-assess their intentions before applying and submitting their Residence Halls applications. The University of Guam Residence Halls are by no means a luxury lodging facility and are not grand or upscale as state-side dormitories. However; they do provide an excellent opportunity for those who are responsible and embrace community- living environments in a culturally diverse island setting.


The University of Guam residence halls are much more than a place for students to sleep between classes. Living on campus contributes to the intellectual, social, and emotional well-being of the students who compose the residential community. Student residents live conveniently near to University resources (e.g., their classes and professors, the Library, the Computer Center, the Field House) and they are part of a community that encourages and helps them to excel academically, while providing them with edifying co-curricular programs, healthy recreational activities, and enjoyable entertainment.

The residence halls are also a great place to meet people from all over the world. Recently, we have had residents and staff from Guam and many other Pacific Islands (including Palau, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Saipan, Tinian, Marshall Islands, Kosrae, Yap, and Samoa), as well as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, the Philippines, Italy, Germany, and the United States.

We strongly encourage all students to avail themselves of the advantages of living on campus. Participate in residence life and enjoy the complete college experience!

Our Mission

To support the academic mission of the University of Guam by providing safe, clean, high-quality residential facilities and excellent Residence Life programming to students of the University. Residence Life programs supplement the University's academic programs with a broad range of social, cultural, educational, recreational, and athletic programs and activities designed to develop friendships and build community, while providing residents with a variety of opportunities for self-fulfillment and good clean fun.

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Residence Halls
Redsidence Halls Office
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Iya-hami Hall (Dorm II), 1st floor.
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