The University of Guam Endowment Foundation exists to foster and promote the growth, progress, and general welfare of the University of Guam. The Endowment Foundation hosted many successful events in 2007 and received several major gifts from key donors, including a $1M donation from Tan Sui Lin for the UOG RFK Library building; a $100,000 gift from Mobil Oil to support an academic classroom in the Leon Guerrero School of Business and Public Administration Building and the Mobil East Asian Studies Resource Room in the UOG Library. Additionally, the Felix Martinez Camacho and Antonia Garcia Camacho family and the Personal Finance Center dedicated a classroom the family matriarch and patriarch.

The Foundation ended 2007 with over $10M in assets, an increase of $1.75M compared to the prior year (unaudited). The Foundation recognized the many donors, sponsors, and volunteers during their annual recognition merienda.

The top ten corporate donors for 2007 include:
L&T (Guam) Corporation
Mobil Oil Guam, Inc.
Bank of Guam
Taipei Economic & Cultural Office
ASC Trust Corporation
Shooting Star Production
TakeCare Insurance Company Inc.
Sandcastle, Inc.
Guam X-Ray
Calvo�s Insurance Underwriters, Inc.

The top individual donors include:
Dr. Donald Rubinstein
Dr. Judith P. Guthertz
Dr. & Mrs. Saied Safabakhsh
Robert M. Sajnovsky
Dr. John Salas
Yoichi K. Rengiil
Sally Y. Tsuda
Dr. Duck Shin Kim
Dr. Jeff Barcinas
Randy Schmidt

Major Events in 2007 include: